Comedy: Blue Film

Clinton is back again!

Clinton went to a cyber cafe to  write an assignment, after he was done with typing and printing. He was about to go when the cafe man told him that he would need a laminating film to make his work look neat.
Clinton: Are you sure the film will make my work neat?
Cafe Man: Yes, it would make your work outstanding.
Clinton: No shaking, so where will I buy the film?
Cafe Man: Go to that shop by the side of the road and tell them to give you a blue film.
Clinton: Blue film?
Cafe Man: Yes it will make your work more official.
Clinton went to the shop the man sent him, he requested for a blue film, the shop man gave him a blue laminating film but since Clinton knew another name of p*rn films are called blue film he rejected the laminating film.
He entered a bike and went to a movie shop and told the man to give him a blue film, he bought 3 blue (p*rn) films and went back to the cafe.
Clinton: Oga oya see the film.
Cafe Man: (looking at the p*rn films) Are you mad?
Clinton: No be wetin you send me?
Cafe Man: You must be crazy, don't you know I'm a pastor? Get out, get out.
He pushes Clinton out.

Lol, hope you get the joke?
© Copyright!! This comedy shouldn't be lifted without my permission.
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