Comedy: Do You Eat Fufu?

Clinton and Livingstone his friend were at their house discussing how things were going. They ended up discussing about the food in the house. Clinton: Guy you don check whether anything dey mai tidy Livingstone: Yes, sha na fufu and rice dey. You go chop rice while me go chop fufu. Clinton: See your long head. You wan mai chop rice when Fufu dey? Abegi jhoor. Clinton enters inside and brought the fufu, he was about to start eating when they heard a knock at the gate. Clinton: Go check who be that. Livingstone: E fit be your babe o. Clinton: E no fit be her ni, why she go come when I wan chop fufu. It's not my portion. Livingstone: Amen o. Livingstone opened the gate and it was Happiness, Clinton's babe!! Clinton pretended he wasn't the one that brought the fufu because he told her that he hates local things. Happiness: Hello Baby Clinton: My sweetheart Happiness: (looks at the fufu with disgust) This thing is smelling. Do you eat fufu? Clinton: Tah! God forbid. It's not mine, Livingstone kept it here. Livingstone: Eh? Abi (he takes the fufu and started eating fastly) After Clinton chatted for like 3minutes with Happiness she made to go and went out. Clinton: Give me that fufu Livingstone: you no well, we go drag am. They started dragging it, and Happiness opened the gate. Happiness: I don't feel like going again. Clinton was sad, he watched as Livingstone finished the fufu. Drop your comments please.
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