Comedy: Go For Gold

Oga Clinton don come again o!
There was a sports activity going on at Elele, Clinton informed his father that he would be participating in sprinting.
His father was very proud and said my son Go For Gold.
Clinton: I will take first not Gold.
Father: If you don't come back with Gold in this house I will deal with you.
Lol, Clinton thinking it was Gold circle went to the chemist and requested for Gold circle (condom). He pockets it and went to the field without participating in the running since he thought he has gotten the Gold, lol.
He returned home.
Clinton: Papa I'm back home with three packets of Gold.
Father: (suprised) wow, my son three gold?
Clinton: (shows the father) Look at it.
Father: (furious) You must be an idiot, get out of my house.

If you were the father what would you have done?

© Copyright!! This comedy shouldn't be lifted without my permission.
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