Comedy: NAFDAC Number

Clinton was watching television in his house when an advert started.
The advert said commodities without NAFDAC number are fake, Clinton smiled and finished eating.
He checked his house and brought out everything that didn't have a number on it and burned them. He became satisfied, he called his friend Livingstone.
Clinton: Guy, you never hear?
Livingstone: Hear wetin?
Clinton: See you o, go burn everything wey no get nafdac number or any number for your house. Na fake things you get.
Livingstone: You no well at all, na drugs and foodstuffs them mean.
Clinton: Idiot, your papa. You know sey I be big boy, shey bumbum na woman commodity.
Livingstone: Yes na woman goods, tight one.
Clinton: All na original?
Livingstone: Not be all sha, na sharp guys like Erigga fit know.
Clinton: Them go get NAFDAC number jhor.
Livingstone: No o.
Clinton: Okay na.
The call ended.
Clinton saw a babe passing along the road with a big bumbum.
I have to check if this is original.
He walks to the babe, hello baby, I'm Mr. Clinton. Can I check your bumbum nafdac number?
Girl: You must be stupid.
The girl was about to walk away and Clinton pressed her bumbum.
Kpa kpa kpa kpa, she gave Clinton four resounding slaps and took water from a nearby bucket and poured him.
Funny right?
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