Comedy: Our New History Teacher

Clinton was attending a part time class in Ogun state, they heard a news that they will have a new history teacher since the former one has been transferred. He meets Aphatheology.... Clinton: Oga o, afa na Apha: I dey o Clinton: I hope sey that our new history go try am Apha: No worry, make we reach there. Clinton and Aphatheology reached the hall and sat down with their colleauges all waiting for Dealwap to announce their new history teacher. Dealwap steps in: Dealwap: hello coders, sorry I meant students. Sorry for being late, I was solving some bandwith problem. I hereby present to you all your new history teacher, he is a man of honour, honesty and goodwill. He is no other than Alhaji Lai Mohammed. Clinton: Chai, we dne enter one chance. Dealwap leaves and Lai started lecture. Lai Mohammed: Today I am going to tell you the more important events in the history of Nigeria. Aphatheology: (to Clinton) you see? He's trying. Clinton: let's watch and see. Lai Mohammed: they are as follow: in 1999 Mohammadu Buhari contested election and failed, he contested again in 2003, 2007, 2011 and won in 2015. Clinton: Chineke! Lai Mohammed: (points to Clinton) any question? Clinton: which year did we gain independence? Lai Mohammed: we gained our real independence from corruption last year being 2015. Clinton: I done die (he faints). Please drop your comments....
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