Explanation To The Poem "Life Is A FreeKick"

In the poem "Life Is A Freekick", I used the free kick on a football pitch to relate to real life problem/goal.
In a football pitch the selected player has the goal to score a goal, he must strike so that the rival team won't deflect the ball and also for it to pass the goal keeper to the net.
This clearly relates to real life, everyone has a goal/dream to win/score a goal. 
In real life we are faced with many problems, the rival team represents the obstacles and challenges you face and also the goal keeper represent the main obstacle.
External forces like the wind might deflect the ball but a skillful player can play the ball with strength to move against the wind just the same way you must be strong to overcome your challenges.
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Explanation To The Poem "Life Is A FreeKick" Explanation To The Poem "Life Is A  FreeKick" Reviewed by Clinton Ugorji on 8/23/2016 07:16:00 pm Rating: 5

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