Poem: Future Hope

I see love in no distant time
Togetherness coming swift
Oneness becoming what makes the day
I see the little children smiling
I see the adults merrymaking
I profess hope
I profess determination
Let's confess love
Let's confess unity
Let's confess peace

The world being a better place
I see a future that terrorism is no more
I see a future that racism is no more
I see a future where we all are tolerant
A future where you can live in peace
A future where you sleep confortably

I have this hope
A hope of good things coming
Knowing the mistakes of the past
Avoiding them to make the world a better place
A world where Joy is in abundance
A sane world and society
Let's hope and make the dream become true
A future where we all are one
Thanks for reading!! Let's build a better future. © Copyright!! This poem shouldn't be lifted without my permission.
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