POEM: God And Faith

I needed answers
So I went to the church
The pastor told me Jehovah was God
16 years of my life I believed them all
I asked my muslims brothers they said Allah was the way

I needed answers
If Jehovah was God why all this happenings
He promised to guide us all
If Allah was God why do his followers keep behaving this way

I needed answers
I stopped believing the holy books
I got to face reality
I believed the stories was like any other fiction
As if that wasn't enough I heard of many more God(s)

So I asked myself
If this God(s) existed
Then why the sufferings
Can't they save their own?

I watched others defending their faiths
Faiths that got nothing to do with reality
I wish I could write a song about how I feel
Why can't we just help ourselves?
And let our thoughts stop being prisoners to imaginary beings

But mankind depends on faith
Faith in something not real is bad
Can we differentiate man from faith?

Faith and God goes together
But I have learnt to face reality and see God as nature

Copyright!! This poem shouldn't be lifted without my permission.
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