POEM: The Land Is Red

The morning is greeted by frowns
The towncrier is crying and delivering his message
The colour and smell of the Earth has changed
Blood O' Blood
Women shouting "My Husband!", "My Husband!"
Mothers shouting "My Children!", "My Children"
The Land has gone red
The Land is silent
Everyone is afraid to speak
They know the consequences
Those they look up on like gods has forsaken them
For they are the one's responsible for their woes
Oh Egi! The once beautiful and peaceful city
Your streets has been deserted
And your soil smelling blood
The wild animals are now safer than your Sons and Daughters
Those they see as their resort has forsaken them
Oh My Home!
Egi My Father's Land!
You have to fight back for yourself
The elders are shaking their heads
What has the best place in the world turned to?
Your children are crying
Their source of living has been threathned
You name has be tarnished
People call you bad
Your friends are laughing at you
Oh my great Egi, rise up
Rise up! And show us that you haven't forsaken us
Houses and schools has been taken over by grasses
Because you have been deserted
Foreigners and indigenes has left you
For they say your taste has lost it's salt
Rise up! And protect us
For those you produced are the one killing you
They are the one making your name to mean blood, anger and hunger
They are the one that hates your  peace
Stand up Egi and fight for us
For other elements seems to have failed us
Clean the blood on your soil
Let your land no longer be red
Let the colour of the Earth be normal
Spread your wings and defeat your enemies.
© Copyright! This poen shouldn't be copied without my permission.
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