POEM: Life Is A Freekick

Life is like a free kick
You have the power to control it
But just like in a football pitch
The wind can sometimes play a role
It can change the direction of the ball
Just the way You have challenges in real life   
They either defeat you or has no effect on you
In a football pitch a strong player can kick the ball against the wind
Just the way a strong man can overcome his challenges
All it requires on the pitch is strength and accuracy
Nearly the same in real life
For Real life requires strength, determination, accuracy, speed and experience 
Just the way a player in the pitch has a target (goal)   
Everyone in life has a target
Just like the goal keeper who is the obstacle of the player, everyone fights to defeat it
In the pitch only one player plays it
But sometimes gets help from his team mates he crosses the ball to  
Just the way one is born alone and has his/her life to live   
But receives help from friends and family 
Play well!
© Copyright!! This poem shouldn't be lifted without my permission.
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