POEM: Purple Colour

I see the purple colour
Through rains and sunshine
The prize will be goten
The future honour
Through sweats and pains
My time won't waste in vain
Living the dreams to reality
Through sweats and pains it works
The purple colour rocks
Through tears and blood
Begets smiles and joy
Blessed with the gold
By being bold
Defeating many scolds
Even when in the cold
Clearing the thorny road
Preparing for the purple harvest
The road to the purple colour is like the road to hell in human capacity
Many have dreamt of it
But hate the path
But I will not fail
Shines and glitters
Flashes and light
Through stress and strain
Confusion and frustration
The road to the purple colour is for the brave
The purple colour is all we all want
That I will get
The purple colour is meant for the strong
For the the lion that owns the jungle
For the mind that is great and mighty
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