POEM: What Killed My Innocence?

As a child born into this world
I cried first
The last I will do is die
As a child time flies
I was born innocent
Into a guilty world
A world whose guilt is to cover my innocence
What  has my innocence done?
Is my sin being Innocent in a guilty world?
I am not my maker
I am not my creator
I didn't bring myself to this world by my will
How I came into this world I didn't know
Why will my Innocence be defeated?
As I grew up thing I couldn't change attacked me
From all angles
No shade could I hide in
All they wanted was my Innocence
What if they finally succeeds?
Will I be guilty?
What will I tell my creator?
On the last day!
I weep for my Innocence
Because it might be guilty
And I will be different from my original self
But I hope my Soul wouldn't change
Because it's my last resort
It's the only Being to bring me back
Borned flawless
Into a world that is lawless
What is not an option is being careless.
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