Religion: What Tamed Africa??

I have been observing things ever since, just check the countries on planet Earth you will see that Africa is very backward at the moment and most of the countries in Africa is referred to as "third world countries". WTF? Why is it this way, I discovered that it was because Africa has been blindfolded by "Religion" brought to us by foreigners.
Some will say that we already had religions in Africa before the coming of the whites, but no. 
Religion is alien to Africa. What about the gods we serve in Africa? It was for connection to our ancestors who had lived some years ago. It was our way of life, our culture, our livelihood and not religion.  We made moral laws and we were living in peace among one another but also had problems just like every other society in the world have.
Like I said religion is in no way related to Africa, all we did was seeking to connect the physical world with the spiritual world.
Unlike Christianity, Islam and other religions of the world that preached of one supreme being, right here in Africa we give respect to different gods with different names. We have gods like Sango, Ogun, Chukwu, Amadioha, Ani or Ali, Ra e.t.c. There was nothing like religion, all we had was a way of life, in Ogba we call it Ome la li.
But then the white men came!! They demonised our culture and brought theirs and also brought what tamed Africa, religion!
The foreigners brought majorly Islam and Christianity. But don't you ask your self this question? Don't we Africans have moral laws that we must need religion to be better people? Our traditional system was great and I say it's the best!
But somehow somehow their plan worked, they succeeded in almost deleting our culture and giving us religion. That was what tamed us, check in Nigeria now, when anything mysterious happen you will hear God (Jehovah) knows best or glory be to Allah. We were limited to asking questions and making findings that will better our life because we were filled with fears from the so called holy books.
But when we still had our culture intact when such things do happen the elders usually convene meetings and usually find solution to the problem.
Maybe some greedy elements in Africa helped the aliens to propagate their lies.
To know that we were played check out what is happening in other continents, you will see when something didn't go in line with the bible or koran, it is the christians and muslims in Africa that raises the alarm first and the foreigners laugh at us saying we are ignorant and backward. Yes? The religion they brought to us made us so.
Africa has been brainwashed and tamed with Religion.
We lived happier in those days our culture was respected.
Every continent and country is unique but the aliens made us copycats, by brainwashing Africa with the holy books they looted us.
Just the campaign and bring back our culture.
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