Short Story: How I f*cked my Uncle’s wife, part 1

I woke up at 04:32 am, the noise of people quarelling woke me up. I yawned! I could recognised their voices, it was my 35 years Uncle and his 28years old wife.
What could be the cause of their quarrel?
I got up from the bed relunctantly, I step out to check things out with my Chelsea boxer.
I’m a huge fan of CFC!
As I stepped out of my room to my Uncle’s apartment (the house we lived was like am estate, the extended family stays hear during the holiday), I noticed my parents were already there. I enquired about what was happening they told me my Uncle came back late to home as that he has been doing for few months now.
His wife has been complaining of how her husband have been coming back late in the night. My parents and of my relatives present pleaded with the wife; she later agreed to go and sleep.
I pitied her so much, a beautiful woman, her name is Taiye from western Nigeria. She is fair, her boobs were almost as big as that of Aunty Cossy, and she had big back.
What could have made my Uncle sleeping with prostitutes and not enjoying his endowed wife? That’s story for another day.
I went back to sleep around 05:30, due to the disturbance that woke me up earlier I woke up late. But, it holiday!!!
After getting up from the bed I hurrily brushed and went to join the extended family at the large dinning hall without taking my bath.
I joined them, I noticed my Uncle was not around at the table, his wife showed no sign that something happened earlier that morning.
As we were eating I was staring at Taiye, she was wearing a dress that showed clearly what she got in her chest. I imagined myself sucking those boobs and tickling her nipples. The thought of this made my Joystick to rise, I had to behave myself because we were in a family gathering. I returned to eating my porridge yam with goat meat.
After the meal Taiye decided to come and take our plates to the kitchen, as she reached where I was, the empty Chivata in my table fell down. I wanted to pick it up, she also bent down in an attempt to pick it, as we both bent down I saw her boobs.
Wow! I felt like grabbing the boobs, she saw my face, I smile but she didn’t smile back.
I gave the empty Chivata to her, she took it to the kitchen.
From that moment the thought of me sucking her boobs ran through my mind; before I forget my name is Joshua.
My mind was really having a serious discussion.
Voice1 : Joshua see your chance to suck boobs o, I sure sey your Uncle never try the boobs.
Voice2: you know they just married 2years ago and her husband dey misbehave, the pussy go still tight gan o.
As the thoughts were running through my head my joystick was getting harder.
Another voice was came and said : thou shall not sin o! I just hissed.
As the pressure was getting too much, I couldn’t stand it any longer, I must fuck!
I went to look for our house maid ( I have been meeting her secretly), I checked well to check if everywhere was clear and yes it was. My parents and relatives were watching movie but Taiye was not there.
I went immediately to our maid room, I hugged her. She was wearing a gown she notice I have a hard on already.
I had no time for foreplay because the family have a meeting later in the day to discuss what happened earlier. Amaka our maid understood, she placed her hands on the wall and I carried her gown up. She was wearing a red pant, I pulled it down with my left hand and placed my dick in her vagina.
I knew I will be called for soon, so I had to be fast. As I was just about to start I heard my name!! Oh Shit!
I start fucking her from behind very fast, I was using the speed of Usain Bolt to fuck her so that I won’t be interrupted when I was not yet done. She was moaning seriously. I didn’t use a condom; I was a master in withdrawal method.
5mins past, as I was getting nearer to release I started hearing footsteps towards the passage of the room. I hade to increase my pace, when I was about cumming I brought my dick out and released on her ass.
I fell on the bed with my dick still erect….
Someone was almost near the door!!!
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