Short Story: How I f*cked my Uncle’s wife, part 2

If you have read part 1, read it HERE
I wanted to stand up but Amaka insists she has to lick the remaining cum. Someone knocked at the door but I didn't care, I was feeling a great sensation of Amaka giving me a blowjob with her sexy lips. It was so sensitive that I moaned with a loud voice and she sucked and licked the remaining cum.
We heared another knock again; this time Amaka moved towards the door, but before she did I raised her gown again and spanked her ass and she smiled.
Fortunately for us the door was locked so I had no fear of being seen by someone and she had no fear of losing her job; if my parents get to know they will say she's spoiling me. But I'm already a bad guy, I was the one who first suggested we make out 7 months ago when she started serving as our housemaid. Amaka is an Igbo ebony girl, she was 22 and I was just 3years older than her; the first day we fucked both of us had multiple orgasm. Her kittycat was still tight though se wasn't a virgin. We alway have sex whenver we have the chance to.
She reached the door and opened it slightly, it was Taiye, Taiye asked if I was inside and she replied yes (she knew I could defend myself if the need arrived). Amaka came back and told me that Taiye was looking for me, I got up and wore my three quarter jeans. My joystick hasn't lost it cool yet, it was still bold and I had some semen stain on my three quarted. I hugged Amaka again and kissed her for like 20 seconds; I told her I wanted to see her kittycat again one more time before I go, she raised her gown and used one hand to carry her pant dow. I was her vagina was still wet with her fluid, I winked out her and made for the door.
I met Taiye there she was waiting patiently (she has always been a humble wife to my uncle and aunty; she already had a girl child with my uncle before they go married and she was still in a good shape).
Looking at me suspiciously, she said I have been called for the family meeting that I told you guys about before in the part1 of this story.
I said okay and followed her as he walked ahead of me. I was watching her Ukwu the way it was shaking. Mahn!! Lol, I felt like this is what being in heaven felt like, I was imagining putting my dick into her ass. I have a high libido for sex and I got a hard on again.
(Immediately my evil mind got into another discussion)
Voice1: Josh, Josh, just grab her now.
Voice2: No o! Don't do that, just excuse and tell her all the lies, you know you have a sweet mouth.
To be truthful I felt like pulling her aside and fucked her booty, mahn!
Then that holy voice came again; saying Josh this could lead you into trouble o, remember adultery and fornication is a grave sin o.
Taiye turned back and met my eye, she now kney that I have been looking at her behind and she gave me that face that someone who wants to say WTF will give you, she looked downside and saw that my dick was already called to duty (hehehe, you know that game na). She must have seen those sement stain since I was wearing a khaki coloured threequarter, but she pretended like she saw nothing; at the moment I felt like grabbing her. I came back into conciousness when I heared someone calling her name; it was my uncle.
So we both walked fast to the meeting hall. The hall was a little bigger than the one used by king Uther in Merline to host feast for his guests.
Everybody was present at the meeting even my maternal GrandPa.
The meeting lasted for like 30minutes, everybody made their suggestions except me, I was still full of excitement of the sex I had with Amaka.
The matter was resolved! My uncle said he had an emergent business trip to go.
Everybody left the hall except I and Taiye, Amaka came to pack the little refreshment we had during the meeting.
I was smiling at Amaka and we both caught Taiye looking at us.
Taiye: Now, donclint (that's my nickname) tell me the truth.
Me: (looking confused) what truth?
Taiye: What were you in Amaka's room.
Me: (looked at Amaka and smiled) I only went to fix her standing fan, you know I'm studying Electric Engineering in school.
Taiye: (pointing at my semen stain) What's this then?
My people biko nu which lie I wan lie again?
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