Short Story: How I f*cked my Uncle’s wife, part 3

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I and Amaka looked at each other, I could see fears in her eyes. Mahn! Why didn't I change my jeans before going to the hall? What he taiye now finds out an reports of to my parent and amaka gets sacked? Where will she in to? I know taiye to be a very smart woman, she can detect flaws which other people can't ordinary see (abeg am not talking about any supernatural power o), chai kasala dne burst???
Taiye: Joshua you haven't answered my question.
Me: It's the stain of the drink I took during the meeting.
Taiye: You mean it's the malt drink you took that's it's on your jeans? When did malt starts having this colour?
Me: (looking bold) if I'm lieing come and check it.
I said this because I know her to be a very bold woman; I knew shew will check it. This is it! This is my chance to grab her ass. 
She said okay and came nearer to me, as she walked fas her hands too followed.
Fastly or maybe mistakenly her hand touched my joystick, it was hard. She looked at me and smiled, at that moment I didn't know what cam over me I hugged her tightly and grabbed her ass. We were both in that position for like a minute, no one moved and Amaka was curiously looking at us.
Taiye shaked a little and I loosed grip on her. We book looked at each other and smiled. She took the packets of empty cream biscuit in her hands and made for outside, she past Amaka and gave her a gentle slap on her ass. She was at the door, she shouted that we shouldn't worry about anything. I turned to Amaka and she giggled.
Yepa! I just grabbed Taiye's ass few moments ago, I felt like I just won the Rio olympics gold medal. Amaka saw that expression on face and asked, "is she better than me?" I replied No o, I haven't browsed her yet na.
Amaka: (pointing at my dick) this thing no dey tire?
Me: Na machine gun na, always loaded everytime.
Amaka: Ha! Sorry o, let me go and drop this thing. Uhm, I think we can't meet today again.
Me: (in my mind: wetin this one dey talk) but why? (moves closer to her)
Amaka: Your mum said I will follow them to the vigil.
Me: So no show tonight (forms a sad face)
Amaka: (laughs oya mai give you BJ since no one will come to this hall except aunty Taiye.
Me: (shines my white teeth) Amaka my baby, you too much.
She moved closer to me and unlocked the button on my jeans and made for the zip. I was carressing her head; she knelt down, brough my jeans dow. My gun was already at attention.
She took my dick with her hand, she started kissing the head of my dick, she swallowed the head and licked it like it was lolipop, she was a pro!
After doing that for about 2mins she let it go out of her mouth. She started moving my dick and shaking it to and fro; she swallowed my whole dick and started sucking it fastly to and fro.
Ogbeni the sensation was so sweet, I grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth giving her deepthroat. She started coughing so I brought out my dick, she also wanted to her fun so she pulled her gown and underwear. I sucked her boobs for sometime and kissed her nipple while she was using her hands to rub my back.
I started kissing her down, she pushed my head to her already wet vagina. I licked her clistoris like a hungry child and she was moaning, I decided to increase the fun and I started fingering her and she cummed with a loud moan.
I wasn't yet done so we did doggy style for like 3minutes and I pulled out my dick to cum on her face and boobs, she licking her lips.
We turned to the doorway and....
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