Short Story: How I f*cked my Uncle’s wife, part 4

If you haven't read episode 3, read it HERE
We saw Taiye at the doorway, her hands were inside her skirt and she was masturbating. She didn't see us at first, she pulled her skirt down  at that moment, I knew she will so climax. She removed the white pant she was wearing and behold "thy kingdom come", I saw her kittycat, it was as fresh as new. She was fingering her kittycat with her eyes closed, she increased the thrusting in and some vagina fluid got out and she gave a loud moan, little tears came out of her eyes. She seemed satisfied.
She open her eyes and met ours, she smiled and dressed up. Maybe she was masturbating because of the sex between I and Amaka, she go aroused and decided to relieve herself.
Amaka got dressed and Taiye walked up to us and gave me a naughty smile. She left her phone, it has been ringing while I was having fun with Amaka but we didn't notice. She requested my 2go username and I gave her, she wanted to chat with me that night.
Amaka left the hall together with Taiye, I was alone there and got a call from Tunde my friend in school.
Me: Baba for the girls how far na.
Tunde: I fine sha but I no too fine.
Me: You wey dey flex anyhow this holiday for ph.
Tunde: That one dey for sure na as my people travel go warri
Me: Hahaha, I hope sey you never turn your pman house to party hall o
Tunde: Eh, my house na the happening house for my are at the moment. I for invite you self.
Me: I for like come sha but this extended family matter, them no gree mai travel this holiday. If I don graduate next year na to fly be that o.
Tunde: That one means sey you dey miss na.
Me: No o, remember that our maid wey I yarn you about na, na everynight I dey browse am.
Tunde: Hehehe, she no get password.
Me: na free wifi
(Download coffin by Erigga to understand the two last lines).
Tunde: You dey enjoy na.
Me: Yes o.
   We talked for a very long time and stopped. I know he must have cheated MTN the way Lordvicocco and Itz Nonzo cheats every network in Naija.
I was about dropping my phone when I received message from my school. They said I had to report in two days time for me to clearify an issue about my student profile.
Two days time? It's just remaining five days for school to resume, if I go I won't have the chance to fuck Taiye and I'm almost there. I have to to start getting my school things ready. The next day was going to be shopping, I preferred buying things at school, but my parents? They always make sure I bought almost everything I will need in school. If I go shopping the next day I will have to leave the next day.
As I was deep on my thoughts I was passing Taiye's room and I heard a soft moan.
What's going on? I have to investigate. Call me Inspect Josh.
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