Short Story: How I f*cked my Uncle’s wife, part 6 (The End)

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As she was explaining their hands were on my joystick. And she said do you want to fuck us? What? A threesome? Shebi na me wan blow o. Yes I said.
Amaka climb on me so my tongue can reach her kittycat. Taiye was giving me a blowjob while I was busy licking Amaka's kittycat. I was in heaven!
I started shaking and Taiye noticed that I might cum sooner, so  she stopped and spread her leg for me to lick her kittycat and Amaka bent near her face and was being tongue fucked by Taiye.
They were both moaning with pleasure. After few minutes Taiye cummed on my face and I licked the fluid, she did same to Amaka.
It was time to fuck them, Amaka came and we did woman on top (you know why na). She was the one in control while Taiye was watching us and doing self servicing. After eight minutes I wanted to cum so I told Amaka to stand up, I fucked her mouth and cummed inside. As I was fucking her mouth my dick maintained it erectness after I cummed. I was going to fuck Taiye!
Fuck my ass she said. She bent down to do doggy and I gently inserted my dick inside her ass. What I was dreaming of is right in my face now!
I increased my speed and she was moaning louder now, I removed my placed it inside her kittycat, I was riding her punna and slapping her ass, she was moaning and screaming at the same time.
The excitement was high and Amaka was even laughing because of the way Taiye was screaming. We turned as she requested us to do the missionary style. I fucked her for sometime, I was getting to that point. I pulled my dick our and sprayed my cum in her vagina.
We both fell on the bed and laughed, I took both of their nude pics.
Night came and we all went to vigil. The next day I told my father about the text I received and he gave me money for shopping. I bought everything that day, arranged all my stuffs.
I woke up early the next day because I hate late journey. My family prayed to me and when I was about to leave I went to the toilet to urinate.
I met Taiye there, she came to ease herself. She hugged me and requested a quickie. She bent on the toilet wall and I lifted her gown, pulled down the bumpshot she was wearing. I fucked her for some minutes and released on her ass. 
She used tissue to clean the semen and planted a kiss on my lips.
I smiled! I left the house in my father's Range Rover.
No regrets!! I made my holiday!!
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