Short Story: How I f*cked my Uncle’s wife, part 5

If you haven't read episode 4, read it HERE
The first door was open, I entered inside quietly and kept my pan inside quietly so that no one passing will see it.
I entered the parlour and the moan was getting louder, I tiptoed near Taiye's room, lo and behold! I saw Amaka licking Taiye's clittoris and Taiye was enjoying it. Is Taiye bisexual? And Amaka too? Have they been meeting each other? While I was thinking the soldier in my body rosed to the occasion; mission to invade the kittycat.
Amaka was still licking Taiye's kittycat, Taiye was romancing Amaka saying lick faster baby, yea, come on, faster please!! Amaka increased her speed a little and she made use of her right finger to fuck Taiye. Taiye was no screaming, fastly, ahhhh! And fluid gushed out from her kittycat, Amaka started to lick the fluid and making the type of sound you make when you have just tasted honey for the first time.
Now it was Taiye's turn to fuck Amaka, she started by kissing her lips. Taiye touched Amaka's boobs, sucked it. Amaka was moaning softly; they were both into it and they didn't care if any one was watching. Taiye bent down and brought out a dildo!! I was like what was Taiye doing with a Dildo? She used it to fuck Amaka's kittycat, she was moaning louder. Taiye thrusted it inside Amaka's kittycat for two minutes and she noticed that she would soon climax. She dropped the dildo and started licking Amaka kitty, fluid gushed out of her kitty and Taiye licked it all.
Meanwhile as I was watching them my right hand was inside my jean holding my joystick. They were done so I made to leave and accidentally fell the small table near me.
Who's that? Asked Taiye.
Uhm, it's me.
Taiye: (sexy voice) come in, but lock the first door.
I locked the door and went it, both of them were naked on the bed. They noticed my curiousity, I went nearer and Taiye hugged and removed my jeans. I was naked in between them.
Taiye said she will explain what happened.
Both their hands were already on my joystick.
She said she schooled in a Girls school, she was initiated into lesbianism by her senior and practised it for three years while in school. When she got to the university, she attended parties and luckily met some lesbians and kept practising the act even to her NYSC days. She was adventurous so she decided to try a dick, this made her to fuck her male corps member colleauge.
On her she met Amaka, she said Amaka was her former lesbian partner, that she connected her to my parents. She said she had warned Amaka not to have sex with any member of the family.
She said her husband got to know know that she was a very active party goer while in school, so he's doing some kind of payback. She also said she haven't had a dick inside her kittycat for a month now.
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