Story: Alone Season 1, Episode 2

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My name is John, I'm from South Africa but lived in Nigeria during my teen and early youth years. I'm from the family of four, just my mum, my dad, my sis and me.
In the year 1973 when I was just a child I dreamt of being an astronaunt, I read science journals and about space.
We lived in Jos Nigeria but due to the ethnic and religious clashes there, we relocated to Lagos. There was enough space in Lagos as of then, it wasn't like the lagos of today. The people there were caring and tolerant, so we enjoyed our stay there.
I was 12 when we came to Lagos, we lived at Lekki. My mum got a job to be working as a sales representative of a manufacturing company while my father was a pastor in a local church.
The effect of the civil war has died down, I and my sister who was 7 at that time went to a missionary school.
In my neighbourhood everynight was a party, life was good.
My first week in school wasn't really fun, the kids there were speaking mainly their indigenous language, Yoruba. I was amazed as how almost none of them was speaking english, but thank God our teacher was an English man. Atleast I can complain or talk to him about anything.
At that time in Lagos their culture was fully respected, most of the educated one's in Nigeria was the yorubas. Almost every parent sent his/her child to school.
In the second week I made few friends that could speak english a little, though the english man has already started to teach us english.
On the first day of the second week we did some sports activities. I took part in the football because I was a fan of soccer. I played forward and succeeded in netting a goal, everyone crowded me after the goal. If this is how life is going to be in Lagos then I'm staying here, so I said in my mind but the decision lies on my parents.
We also learnt Yoruba that day, the language was sweet to me and interesting.
Well, I got to embrace the culture. The young had respect for the elders. Everyone played his or her role. Hope you will call that a perfect community.

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