Story: Alone Season 1, Episode 3

If you haven't read episode 2, read it HERE .
I was returning home from school that same day that we played soccer when I met a crowd gathering furiously, the people there were shouting in their local dialect. Out of my curiousity I went to check what was happening, it was a woman, she was almost naked with just a wrapper that covered her private part and a bra.
There were bruises on her body and blood stain over her, the people there were holding clubs, stones and machetes. Since I couldn't comprehend their dialect so well I asked my classmate to explain to me what was going on. He said they were accusing the woman of being a witch and destroying her neighbours animals. A witch? Though my father was a pastor he only preaches mainly on love and being good to one another, he didn't believe tales about humans flying at night causing disasters, destroying livestocks and inflicting disease on someone. His teachings shaped my life and thinking. He said those are just the imagination of the mind, he said we should always imagine good things. One thing he told me was that fear could kill very fast.
He told me that the missionaries and the British were able to colonise Nigeria because they knew those tales were fake and mere imagination. But they only dreaded malaria the killer disease, they overcame it because of the development of their health care and also using herbs as alternative. 
I watched as the woman was begging them to have mercy on her that she wasn't a witch, Ogun kill you, someone shouted. You have been the one killing my goats and fowls. Please I'm not the one, I'm not a witch said the woman. Shut up the crowd said, bring petrol, petrol, be fast o said a dark tall guy that looked like a fulani. 
I wonder how heartless he could be to order petrol to burn his fellow human alive. At that moment the children of the lady came to the spot and started crying, begging the crowd to forgive her mother that she's not a witch. If they burn this woman who will take care of the kids? The kids were three, two were twins and they were not less that 15years old. They were both girls and the younger one who was a boy would be about 11 years. Beautiful children they were, how painful it would be for them to live without a mother, man's inhumanity to man.
The guy the fulani man told to bring fuel arrived, he started pouring the fuel on the lady, and the kids rushed to hug their mother who was crying. The crowd resorted to drag the children from their mother but the children maintained a firm grip on her.
They will die with her if they chose so said the crowd, tears started rolling out from my eyes. 
Just as they were pouring the children the petrol a police van came and the crowd ran, the policemen came and rushed to catch few people from the crowd.
They caught some few unlucky one's and stopped a car and instructed it's owner to take the lady to the hospital and they would be behind them.
I was so happy, the tears in my eyes dried. I just experienced a miracle, I smiled as I was going home with my little sister.
The next episode comes tommorow, stay tuned and invite your friends. Don't forget to share. © Copyright!! This story shouldn't be lifted without my permission.
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  1. I wanted to type something nasty, but on second thought decided not to, so you will not commit suicide owing to my words. How does this relate to the pregnant woman's story.... Karachi Anya gi o!


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