Story: Alone Season 1, Episode 5

If you haven't read episode 4, read it HERE .
On my way back home I heard some people saying let's go to the house, they were laughing in an evil manner. My father is my world, maybe he must have been rushed to the hospital since I didn't see him in the church. What could my father have done to deserved this treatment? God save us.
I reached home and I still met my mother in the same position sobbing, I tried persuading her to stop crying. She refused to listen, I was tire so I went to the kitchen and ate bread with butter. I was reminiscing how my day has been.
From watching of a woman nearly being burnt to death if not for the timely intervention of the police, to seeing my mother crying. People says life has two sides "the good and the bad side". Am I experiencing the bad side now? Why is it that my mother refused talking to me about my father? What culture was my father trying to change that would make the crowd to harm him? My father has always told me that one day he would be gone from the earth, that I would have to stay strong and take care of my mum and little sis when he is no more.
But this couldn't be the time, I'm still very much young to start going through that.
I couldn't stand it anymore, I bursted into tears. Where's daddy? Where's my daddy I cried. My mum and sis came to the kitchen, she was sobbing. She said I should stop, how could I stop when I don't know where my daddy is? Where's my daddy I asked her again. 
She told me to take my bath first, I went still with my heart heavy. Where is God? I asked in my mind, but a voice rebuked me saying I shouldn't question God.
I was done, dressed up. I went to the parlour and saw my mother parking our clothes in three "Ghana must go" bags. Where are we going to? Anywhere but not yoruba. So where's my father? I asked.
She said my father have been butchered by some crowd for defiling their culture. He had been rushed to a nearby hospital but no one was sure if he will be alive, God will heal him I said.
What culture did they say he broke? I asked my mum. She said my Dad called the attention of the police to save a woman from being burnt to death for withcraft and the death of her neighbours animals.
My mind flashed back to the terrible scene I saw earlier, so my father just saved a whole family and what those iliterate idiots could do was to attack my father.
My mother reminded me that we had to leave immediately, she said people has conspired to burn our house if we don't move very fast.
We stopped a lorry, loaded our belongings and speeded off.
Maybe my father was already dead that's why we couldn't wait for him, maybe my mum didn't want me to feel bad.

Expect The Next Episode.
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