Story: Alone Season 1, Episode 6

If you haven't read episode 5, read it HERE .
We were not suppose to stop anywhere in yoruba land as my mother said but night was approaching very fast, we decided to spend the night at a local hotel in Ondo.
I could see the feeling of fears on my mother's face, she wasn't feeling safe. We tuned to the radio in the room given to us and we were suprised the incident has already gone nationwide. We got to know that our house has been burnt.
I began to feel hatred for the whole of yoruba, I was so filled with anger inside me that I shouted. The people outside asked what was the matter, in order to conceal our identity my mum replied them in the yoruba dialect saying nothing was wrong.
During the news headline the broadcaster mentioned that my father was in a very terrible condition and the local doctors there were battling to save his life.
My mum told me to come closer and she hugged I and my little sis. 
She said no matter what happened we should always smile and work hard to live a better life, she said life have ugly sides and one can live the earth anytime.
She said when she would no longer be with us that I should take care of my sister.
My heart was weak, sorrow and grief filled in, why is this happening to us? We have always lived a good life and things hadn't been this bad. But mummy why are you talking this way? I asked her.
She didn't reply me rather she kissed me on my forehead, my mum loved my dad so much. They were the best couple on earth, I hoped my father just don't die. Mum everything will be alright, I said.
We went to the outside of the hotel to get fresh air, I saw some ladies patiently waiting by the side of the road.
The darkness couldn't let me see their full bodies, but I could see they didn't wear decent clothes. When my mum saw I was looking at that direction she scolded me not to look at them, I asked who they were. She said I was too young to know and that I don't have to ask the question again.
Ondo seems to be much better than lagos to me, everywhere was free. I could see children dancing by the side, my little sis wanted to join them but my mother stopped  her.
I'm now feel like a man? Am I now a man? My dad said I would be the one to take care of the family when he is not around. Well, I have to take my new responsibility. We went back to our hotel room and slept.
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