Story: Alone Season 1, Episode 7

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We woke up the next day and got ready for the journey to the south
south part of the country.
My mother went to a mail house in order to send a message to the
hospital treating my father so they could keep her up to date with his
We went to the Roman catholic church opposite the hotel we stayed to
pray for my father's health. After we finished praying and we were
about stepping out, one of the reverend sisters stopped my mother
saying she knew her somewhere, my mother recognized her. The lady was
her classmate back then in elementary school. The lady invited us to
her quarters, we sat down and she and my mum where talking about their
school years. They chatted for about twenty minutes when my mum told
her about what brought us to Ondo state. She felt remorsed and offered
that she had a place we can stay but my mum politely rejected the
offer. She told the lady that she couldn't stand the cultural excesses
being done in the part of the country. The lady who I later got to
know that her name was Sister Agnes also said they sometime faced
threat from different people, but gradually they have started gaining
the acceptance of the people there.
They exchanged greetings and Sister Agnes accompanied us to the road
side. We stopped a lorry car painted in the green white green colour
and zoomed off.
We are going to Port Harcourt said my mother, the driver asked if we
were yorubas.
My mum told him we were south africans and he exclaimed woo!
I heared the battle for independence is really tough there. So when
was the last time you guys went to South Africa? He asked.
Well it has been a while, I met my husband here in Nigeria. He's also
a South African but is based here.
Wow! That's good you know, I pray your country get free from the
colonial masters. Those retards thought they could enslave Africans
without us fighting back but we got the spirit said the Driver.
We enjoyed the journey in a smooth ride, he was playing some local
song. Both the song and the wonderful breeze that accompanied the
speed of the car made me dizzy and I dozed off during the journey.
I woke up when we reached Port Harcourt.
We bid farewell to the driver and went to a local church to spend the night.
We are going to know how far Dad is doing in the hospital tommorow, said my mum.

Expect The Next Episode Tommorow.
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