Story: Alone Season 1, Episode 8

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The next morning the door bell rang, my mother went to check who it
was. It was a mail man, he came to deliver a letter to my mum. I think
that should be the reply of the mail she sent earlier yesterday.
She signed and thanked the mail man and he left, she opened the mail
and started reading the letter. At a point while she was reading the
letter her mood changed, her facial expression became sad. Well I
guessed that my father was still in a bad situation, the next day
would be fasting for him.
Tears started rolling down from her eyes, I asked what the problem was
and she gave me the mail to read. The hospital said that my father was
in a very bad state and they had tried their best but there was
nothing they could do again, so they would be sending him to us in
Port Harcourt. I fell in the chair behind me, so this is life? God
should have mercy on me because I was too young to take the
responsibility and tasks ahead. My dream of going to space was
disappearing right on my face. I sighed. God take control.
I looked at my mum, she was holding my sis and looking lost. He isn't
dead, everything will be fine. God will do a miracle, I said these
things to make my mum happy but she just faked a smile.
The reverend father in the church prayed for us, my mother narrated
everything we had passed through to him. He was touched, he said when
they bring my Dad from Lagos he will transfer him to a hospital there
in Port Harcourt. My mother thanked him.
She left the church to look for a place we could rent and stay, the
people there has been really influenced by Christianity. While I
stayed back in the church I saw scores of people coming to be
baptised, saying they have abandoned their traditional beliefs and
found love in Christ.
It was indeed a wonderful moment in their lives, after the baptism and
being blessed with the holy water they claimed they had a new feeling.
I decided to stroll round the premises and I saw masquerades being
burnt. In the nearest future this cultures will be dead, so I thought.
I stepped out of the church to the nearest house, I heared noises like
someone was screaming.
I tiptoed I saw a man naked on top a naked woman too, out of my
innocence I shouted why are you beating her? The man turned back, took
a wrapper and covered himself. He made for the door, knowing that he
would deal wit me if I got caught, ran to the church.
My mother was already back, she said she had found a house not too far
from the church and we would be packing tonight.

Expect The Next Episode.

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