Story: Alone Season 1, Episode 9

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The next day after packing to the new house, we got a call from the
reverend father that the other hospital had come.
We went and the church immediately transferred my Dad to another
hospital, my mum and sis was going to stay with him. And I? I was left
in the new house, the house was good. It had a nice environment, no
unecessary dump site.
I decided to know the place better, so I quietly left the house
because I didn't want to attract my neighbours attention.
My mum had told them to keep an eye on me.
Quietly I ran out of the house, I went to field where I saw some boys
playing soccer.
Someone held me on my shoulder, hey you little kid. I turned back it
was the man that wanted to catch me earlier. Sorry sir I said.
Okay, kid but don't tell anyone what you saw the other day. I'm a
priest and I don't any threat to that my position. I promised him that
I would say nothing.
We both gisted and he told me about the culture of the place. He was
once a juju priest but left the practise to please the woman he wanted
to marry, he said he's living a good life now.
He left after some minutes. One of the teams needed a replacement and
they choosed me. We ended the match in a draw 5-5.
I went back home, my mother was angry and she scolded me. My father
wanted to see me.
We drove to the hospital, to me he was feeling better now. He smiled
when he saw me and we hugged each other. His face was bright. He told
me to sit on the stool beside the bed.
He told me stories of how he came from South Africa to Nigeria, he
advised me to be a good boy. That I should take care of my mum and
little sis. We talked a little bit and he said he was tire. We left
the room, just as we were about to go out of the hospital we heard a
Nurse screaming Doctor! Doctor!
We all rushed back but we were prevented by the staff from entering
the room, there was tension inside of me.
Few minutes later the doctor stepped out and said to my mum, sorry
that's nothing we could do. He is dead, I was lost instantly and my
mum started crying with my little sis.
I slumped!

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