[Story] Emeka: The Journey Of Life (Season 1, Episode 1)


* This story is all  about Emeka, a boy from Ohali  in Southern Nigeria, he came from a place where vices were practised.
After his final year in school he was sent to the city to learn trade from his uncle; but his uncle turned him to a houseboy. After many challenges in his Uncle’s house he escaped with the help of his friends through the border to a cameroonian village.
Since he was new there he begged for shelter and food, a man named Francis helped him. He then wanted to serve the man in his rice farm for 5years in order to get capital to start his businesses.
But something happened in there third year in serving Mr. Francis. He was murdered!!!
Who could it be? How? All accusing fingers were pointed to Emeka because he was the closest to Mr. Francis; from that time things became sourer for Emeka……..

The cock crows,  Emeka woke up and the lights were already out, the NEPA has already taken it. He looked at his watch it was still 05:00 am. He proceeded to the back of the house to the outside kitchen; he gathered some firewood and lighted the fire. He went to the front and took water from the drum to put in his iron bucket. The bucket was on fire so he decided to toothpaste and also clean the house; he later removed the bucket from the fire. He went to take his bath, his mother was already up and she started preparing the meal. Emeka was through with his bath; he went to the room he shared with his younger brother; wore his school uniform (a blue trouser and a white long sleeve), he put on his Kito sandal (the top sandal then), he went to the kitchen and ate Garri and the native soup prepared by his mother. By 06:25 am, Emeka was done. He left the house after greeting his parents, Emeka was in his final year in school. Today was the first day of the term, the 2nd term in SS3; he was preparing for his WASSCE.  There was a clash between two rival group last night. As he was passing the tarred road that led to his school he met his classmate, Akin. AKIN: Emeka how far na? EMEKA: I'm fine o. You are growing fatter. AKIN: HA! You that is growing tall like a giraffe. EMEKA: Comot there jhor. Your father's chickens have worked on you very much. AKIN: (laughs) Did you witness what happened last night? EMEKA: I only heared gunshots and cries. You known my house is at the outskirt. AKIN: I went to buy drugs from Mr. White in his store when the fight started. EMEKA: But what really happened? AKIN: I heard they fought because of the new project NDDC is going to start next month. You know NDDC wants to employ boys from this village for the project. EMEKA: AH! Just because of that? AKIN: What really caused the fight was that the leader of Norsemen influenced the Ochi-OHa (the village monarch) with threats to end his life, if his boys are not represented with 70% of the positions. EMEKA: Walai! Akin I must tell you that corruption is in every level of organisation. So what about non-cultists, no job for them? AKIN: They are afraid to talk beacause they fear for their lives.     They have now arrived at their school, the school was open, it was in a village and there was no gate. The school is made up of Junior and Secondary sections. Emeka left for his class SSS3B, he is an Arts student while Akin was a Social Science student. Emeka wanted to study Theatre Arts while Akin wanted to be a geologist. Emeka greeted his friends in his class, he was ready for the day adventure at school. The school is Ohali Secondary School (OSS). 
Expect Episode 2…
[Story] Emeka: The Journey Of Life (Season 1, Episode 1) [Story]  Emeka:  The  Journey  Of Life  (Season  1,  Episode  1) Reviewed by Clinton Ugorji on 8/15/2016 09:58:00 am Rating: 5

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