[Story] Emeka: The Journey Of Life (Season 1, Episode 2)

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It was time for morning devotion, the seniors and juniors lined up. The principal of O.S.S started the devotion with a welcoming payer. They sang hymns, and when the devotion was about to be over the Principal said he had an important announcement to make. He reminded the students of the rival cult clash that took place the last night. He advised all students to in good straight after school, if caught by the law enforcement agencies 30 minutes after school hours that the school will deny of knowing any such student.
He also prayed that the matter shouldn't degenerate into a more violent one.
Devotion was over and the students retired to their various classes.
What formed the topic of discussion in the SSS3 class was rumours about the federal government black listing their school for WASSCE. Some said it was because of the nationwide examination malpractise that took place on a very large scale last year.
Others said it was because of the cult clash that happened the night before; that the WASSCE invigilators and supervisors are afraid that the situation might escalate to something worst.
Emeka and some others argued that it can't be true since the Principal would have talked about it during the morning devotion.
They were discussing when the chemistry teacher mistakenly walked into emeka's class; his name was Clement.
Sir Clement: Good morning class.
Class: (surprised though) Good morning Sir.
Sir Clement: (turns to the board and brought out chalk) I want us to revise on metals and non-metals.
The whole class laughed; Sir Clement was take aback.
Sir Clement: what's the problem class?
Okoro: (Okoro is the Goliath of the school he points to the top of the class door). This is SSSB Sir.
Sir Clement: (laughs at himself) Oh, sorry.
He left the class, emeka suggested they do a play in the class. A girl whose name was grace (she has the accent of mama peace) started shouting snake! Snake!! Snake!!! Almost al the girls in the class ran out, Okoro went out and picked a stick, he saw it was a baby cobra and laughed. He threw the snake in the direction of the girls, they all went into a state of frenzy; Gospel ( a fat guy) matched the snake with his big sandals and crushed it.
They still decided to act a short play. The play was about two friends Romanus and Nicodemus. Nicodemus visits Romanus in his house and met him eating.
Nicodemus crawls because his legs have been paralysed. So when he met Romanus; since Romanus was a greedy man he decided what to do so that Nicodemus wouldn't eat his food.
Emeka acted as Nicodemus while Okoro took the part of Romanus.
(Nicodemus crawling like a leper sees Romanus eating)
Nicodemus: Romanus! Romanus! Romanus my very good friend, I can see thay you are enjoying.
(Romanus was eating fufu with a well prepared Edi kia nkor; that sweet vegetable soup eaten mainly by the calabars)
Romanus: Ah! Nicodemus you are here? You even met me...
Nicodemus: Yes my friend, I'm just coming back from the nearby town, so I decided to stop by at your house.
Romanus: Is that so?
Nicodemus: Yes o, can I join you?
Romanus: As you can see (pointing to the plate he used in washing his hands) this water is dirty, go over there and wash your hand.
Nicodemus crawled and washed his hands, he went back to meet Romanus.
Romanus: show me your hands.
Nicodemus: (he showed Romanus his hands, since he used his hands to support his legs, it was dirty) ah, sorry.
Feeling a little embarrassed he turned back to wash his hands, he tried to use only one hand to support his legs but he failed and fell. He turned back and saw Romanus looking with an evil smile. He felt embarrassed and crawled back home. Everyone clapped for them, after the play they observed that students from the other senior arms were also watching the play. Emeka was full of smile he was so happy, participating in plays and arts works makes him happy.
The principal approached and told all the SS3 students to gather in SS3B. The Principal name was Marshal John, but the students nicknamed Lugard after Lord Lugard the former Governor General of Nigeria because of his moustache.
Masshal: Good afternoon class!
Class: Good afternoon sir.
Marshal: I can see that almost all of you are present today and that's very good. I heard that that's a rumour being spread that our school has been blacklisted by the federal governmenent. The rumours are not true, just prepare very well for your exams and register early. Did yo get that?
Class: Yes Sir!
(Marshal leaves)
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