[Story] Emeka: The Journey Of Life (Season 1, Episode 3)

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At the end of school session that day Emeka caught up with Akin and Grace. They were both going home together, Emeka and Grace lived at the outskirt of the town. They chatted about the happenings in the school that day, Emeka told Akin what happened in the class and he bursted into laughter because Grace pannicked because of a baby cobra.
Other students were moving with them, Akin stopped by the road that led to his house.
As they were about to wave him bye gunshots rented in the air. The students ran in many direction, Emeka was confused, he didn't understand what was happening so he dashed into the bush. The bush was full of climbing thorn plants and it  scratched his face and school unifore. He ran for two minutes and stopped, he was panting heavily, he balanced his back at a mango tree where he stopped. He sighed!
He heared rustling of dry leaves just five meters behind him, he became afraid and wanted to run; he turned back and saw that it was Okoro. He was panting, they both laughed. Okoro asked him where his friends were and he said he didn't know.
They decided to chat a little, Okoro told Emeka that he wanted to be a soldier or a police officer in orde to help combat crime, protect lives and properties and also to give people a rest of mind.
Emeka cheered him and told him how he wants to study theatre arts and be one of the top actors in the industry globally. His role models were Osorfia, Mr. Ibu, Sam Loco Efe and Akin and Pawpaw. Okoro was happy and gave him some words of encouragement, they got ready to go home.
Okoro first decided to climb the mango tree to check if the environment was cleared, they walked through the bush to make it to the main road. Their school uniforms were torned, well this is going to be their last term in school and they can take it it to the tailor to stich it. It was 03:30 pm at that time, their parents must be worried now.
As they were about to cross the road they heard a deep voice behind commanding them to stop, but they were afraid and ran as fast as their legs could carry them. Okoro reached his house and waved goodbye to Emeka. Emeka ran till he reached his house.
He was met by his mother and two sisters, they were happy to see him. He went to the parlour where he met his Dad making calls, he greeted him and went to the room. When he came out his food was already ready (as the first son na).
He ate before taking his bath because he was very famished.
He was done and wore his Arsenal jersey and black short to the front, there he got to know that the gunshots were because of confrontation of the two rival cults that clashed the last night (Norsemen and Clansmen).
He narrated his adventure to his parents.
They heard a visitor and his parents were discussing the event with the visitor, they talked about the possibility of another confrontation. During the discussion Emeka heard that one of his uncle, Marcus, was shot in his leg. That his uncle was a member of the clansmen confraternity, he had been rushed to the hospital.
Since there was no light Emeka's father sent him to bring his radio so they could listen to news headlines.
Emeka entered his room, found the radio, his eyes caught his bag open. It seems some books fell out.
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