[Story] Emeka: The Journey Of Life (Season 1, Episode 4)

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Emeka gave the radio to his father and returned back to his room. He searched his bag thoroughly and found out that the list of people for a planned field trip was missing.
It was on his literature textbook, both the textbook and his assessment note was also missing.
It was already 05:00pm. He told his parents about the missing books, his mother told him to stay back but his father persuaded him to go.
His father was a soldier who fought during the civil war, he fought alongside the Biafran army. After the war he returned home and is working as the village chief secretary. His is Chukwuebuka Nwankwo.
Emeka left, he did a little jogging so as to meet up with time. 
Near the village market he saw a crowd gathering, he went to check what was happening. He saw Grace there and they greeted each other the way classmates normally do.
They went into the crowd and saw it was the lifeless body of their village youth leader which has been severely butchered. Emeka and Grace were both suprised, they overhear some men saying that the youth leader was the third in command of the cult group that threathned the Ochi-Oha. The other group decided to take vengeance and ended his life as he was the chief planner of the threat.
Emeka never suspected him to be a cultist talkless of being the third in command. Well, he remembered what his Principal told them, "trust no one".
He told Grace that he wanted to leave, and he left. While moving along the road he noticed some movement in the nearby bush and he assumed that it was bush animals. He reached Akin's house and met him weeding, he greeted him and they had a short conversation.
Akin: It's good to see you o.
Emeka: Hmm, thank you my man.
Akin: So where did you ran to when everyone was running?
Emeka: Oboi I ran into the bush o.
Akin: I ran inside my house, you should have followed me.
Emeka: I was confused.
Akin: It's a good thing you are back from that bush o. We heard the cultists passed there.
Emeka: Someone told I and Okoro to stop in the bush but we ran.
Akin: You guys are lucky.
Emeka told Akin about the death of the youth leader and how he masterminded the threat to the Ochi-Oha, Akin was shocked, he was close to him. Emeka told Akin where he was going and Akin said he should have waited till the next day but told him to be careful.
Emeka entered the bush carefully dodging the thorns, he searched the bush and reached the mango tree. He saw the textbook and assessment note but couldn't find the list in the text. It was 06:20pm and it was getting dark.
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