[Story] Emeka: The Journey Of Life (Season 1, Episode 5)

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As he proceeded to go to the back of the tree he saw the list. He bent down to pick it up, as he was about to turn up he heared a familiar voice behind him (it was the same voice that made him and Okoro to run earlier). He made to dash away but before he could even try to move a stronger hand held him. He struggled to loose grip but the man gave him a heavy slap (the type  the Nigerian army will give to you). He cried.
It appeared it was a young man in his early thirties that held him. So you wan run abi? The voice asked. Emeka begged him to leave him since he has done nothing wrong. The mand laughed and told him that he has done something wrong by coming to their initiation ground in the night. Emeka was suprised, he and his friends have been coming to this mango tree to pluck it when ripe since their JSS1 to SSS2. They stopped when they got to SSS3 because they don't want to be looked down by their juniors. Since they have been coming here, they never for once suspected that it was an initiation ground. Emeka told him that he didn't know and swore with his life that they would never see him in that bush.
The youngman refused, he told Emeka that that's going to be a great cult war and they need new recruits. He told Emeka that they have already goten 21 boys with the help of Gospel. Gospel? Emeka was shocked! How could it be  Gospel? That fat  fair boy whose parents were pastors. And he was in the same class with Emeka, he remembered that Gospel didn't join them earlier during the school hour about the cult clash. So Gospel was a wolf in sheep's cloth. He begged the man again but the man refused and warned him to stop disturbing or else he will be forced to.
Gospel came out and saw Emeka and smiled, there were tears in Emeka's eyes. He begged Gospel to help him plead with the man, but Gospel brought out a pistol and commanded him to keep quiet. Ah! I'm dead said Emeka, if I join this cult now my dreams will be gone.
He started thinking of how his parents and siblings will feel about him, his father will disown him. And what if he gets killed during the rival cult clashes, that would be the end of him. He sighed. So this is how the journery of my life ends, that's nothing I can do. I have to accept it in good faith.
Emeka now knew that the name of the man who grabbed him was Capon and he is the head of the Norsemen confraternity, they were discussing who to target that night. Emeka saw that they were many.
Emeka saw a man coming out with some boys, that must be the 21 boys. The capon dragged him to where the other boys were. The initiation man came out, his name was Obulor, he tied palm frond on his head. He did some incantations and told the boys to come one after the other. He stripped the first boy naked and told him to bath in the mud, he used a tough cane to whip the boy and the boy cried out. The boy was now give a dirty water to drink from a calabash.
After that he placed a green leaf in the boy's mouth and declared him a member of the Norsemen confraternity. Just in a flash they heard gunshots near them. The Norsemen group quickly armed themselves. Oh! I'm dead said Emeka.
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