[Story] Emeka: The Journey Of Life (Season 1, Episode 7)

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He sighed! Thank God it was a dream. He looked around and saw that the rest of the boys were fast asleep, he checked his watch, it was 04:38am. He went back to sleep with a relieve that it was a dream, he hoped it won't become a reality.
Wake up! All of you should wake up, it was Obulor. Lazy bones, it seems you boys need beating, look at the time you  people are sleeping, Obulor ranted.
As he was ranting the boys were still half asleep, they were sleeping away their frights and worries. This made Obulor angry, he took a bucket and went out of the environment and returned back with Omenka with two buckets filled with dirty water, they poured the water to they boys. The boys cried and felt sorry for themselves. Omenka told them to shut up, he was smelling of hard drugs. The drugs must have made him lost his mind, Emeka thought. The day was now bright, the environment was now clear, there were palm trees covering the place. It was more like a little village than a cultist camp, they must have invested much here.
Back home Emeka's family were worried, the mother was crying, she reminded the father how she tried dissuading Emeka from going. 
The news went round the whole town and also the kidnapping of the twenty one boys, they were all students of Ohali Secondary School (O.S.S) and Emeka was the only senior there.
Some of Emeka's classmates went to his house to console his mother. Grace said she had a dream where Emeka was fighting with all kinds of creatures but an Angel of God appeared and saved him. Many people laughed including the juju worshippers. The christians backed her up and they started praying and speaking in tongues one can't comprehend. These people must be under the influence of palm wine said Otakpo, the village shrine secretary. Otakpo said they should consult the gods since it was a mass kidnap, the gods must be angry for this to happen.
Emeka's mother who was a Deeper life church member rebuked him, she was backed up by her brethren. They almost quarrelled with Otakpo, he got angry and left.
Akin narrated his last encounter with Emeka, Okoro said he could take them to the mango tree. Gospel interrupted them saying it was a bad boy area.
Everyone looked at him, no one knew it was a bad place, in order to defend himself, he cooked up a story of how some bad boys chased him there.
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