[Story] Emeka: The Journey Of Life (Season 1, Episode 8)

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The village chief sent the towncrier to call for a meeting with the affected parents, the vigilantes and the security  forces were also present in the meeting. All protocols were observed and the meeting started.
The village chief priest Odufo and his secretary Otakpo were there, the village pastors and their members.
The Chief Eze Nduka Ekwueme started;

"It is very disheartening that our children were kidnapped in a night under our watch. We cannot fold our hands and watch without doing something. I swore an oath as your ruler and leader; I swore by our ancestors that I will protect the lives and properties of everyone in Ohali town, that I won't fail. Now the table is open for discussion, as I was democratically elected. Give your opinions and I will make my decision. Thank you."

Otakpo cleared his throat and started;
Eze Nduka may you live long, what happened is a calamity, the gods must be angry. I earlier warned the church goers to stop forcing our children to go to church but to worship our ancestors. They refused, check it very well all the boys kidnapped are church goers. I suspect the gods must have taken them away to serve as a warning to others. I suggest we appease the gods with sacrifices, except we do this before three days our children will be gone forever. Aruu, abomination, tufiakwa and God forbid rented in the air. Your highness Eze Nduka I rest my case, said Otakpo.

Eze Nduka: I have heared you, the next person should talk.
A pastor stood up and started speaking;
Eze Nduka may you live long, ayayaya pero pero, no weapon fashioned against the children of the most high shall prosper. Oh, my king, this is a plot by the enemies of this village. They have gathered in the spiritual realm, they have sent many attacks spiritually, but I tell you none of them worked because of the prayers me and my fellow christians have been praying. The last time they gathered we were weak in the spirit and they sent ungodly creatures from the pit of hell to take our children to their abode in the water kingdom. Oh! Pero pero, I can see them now, they are feeding them with ungodly fruits. We have to declare three days dry fasting and prayer in the whole town. I'm  done my king.
Otakpo laughed, ungodly fruits indeed.
Eze Nduka: Any more person that has any opinion?
A man in his early forties stoop up;
Eze Nduka may you live long my king;
from the facts gathered sir. It can be said that hoodlums must have taken away our children for initiation. This have happened in the time of the former Ochi-Oha, he called the security operatives and they rescued the children. What I'm saying here is that you should give order to the security forces to comb the forest and bring back our boys. I rest my case.
There were exchange of words being Otakpo and the pastors. The Ochi-Oha adjourned the meeting to later in the afternoon.
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