[Story] Emeka: The Journey Of Life (Season 1, Episode 9)

If you haven't read episode 8, read it HERE .
At Ohali secondary school the kidnap was the topic of the day, the teachers and students were engaged in the discussion.
Academic activities were at a standstill!
Okoro made a suggestion that they should organise a search party for Emeka, but Gospel said it would be a suicide mission since they don't know the ins and outs of the forest. Ebuka who was nicked head of state because of the size of his head stood up, he said he knew almost everywhere in the forest. He said during the holiday his father took him round the forest as he was showing him their farmlands. Gospel protested saying he wouldn't be part of the search party.
The others looked at him, why would he be so vexed up. Since they knew Gospel he don't normally gets angry so easily, something mus be wrong thought Okoro.
The principal and few teachers called the whole SSS3 together and they prayed for the safety of Emeka and the others. School ended by break time that day. Okoro and few of his classmates stayed behind to map out their route. They planned going home first and getting prepared after changing their school uniforms.
   In the forest Emeka noticed Capon had returned with his boys, they had suffered a huge casualty. Capon was vexed, the native doctor that prepared the charms for them must have duped them. He shot gun shots in the air and everywhere went still. 
Capon ordered the boys to line up, they were brought out looking famished and weak. Capon said he would use one of the boys as bait to get the native doctor that prepared fake charms for them. Yeba ne ga nkita obu ga (we will give his heart to the dogs), Capon ranted. He closed his eyes and it fell on Emeka, Emaka was scared.
Emeka was selected. Gospel appeared in the camp still with his school uniform and told Capon about the meeting held by the village chief, and also about the search party to be headed by Okoro. They are just kids, and for Eze Nduka he is playing with fire, said capon. Emeka and the other boys were not yet initiated because their initiation takes place only at the night and it must be at that mango tree, unless they prepare another place as their sacred initiation ground.
Capon order Obulor to prepare Emeka for the night mission to catch the native doctor, he also told Gospel to go back to the village to get them information.
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