[Story] Emeka: The Journey Of Life (Season 1, Episode 10)

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The village chief being a strong believer in the security forces and
as well as having respect for the tradition of land, he quietly gave
Otakpo the money for the sacrifice.
That's what he had to do since it was the tradition of the land that
brought him to power.
The meeting started again by 2pm, the same set of people were present
except for some few students. After much delibration Eze Nduka gave
the go ahead order to the village vigilantee group and the police
mobile force, they are to comb the forest and bring back the boys
while Otakpo was to perform the sacrifice to appease the gods of the
Okoro, Grace, Akin and Ebuka with thirteen other members of the SSS3
convened at Akin's house. They finished the planning and ventured into
the bush, on getting to the mango tree where Emeka and Okoro stayed
the other time they saw blood all over the place.
Should we go back? Asked Grace. No I think we have to follow another
route and still track them, because it seems this path is dangerous
said Okoro. Ebuka told them he knows a path they could pass without
getting seen, he lead the way.
The village almost raised another alarm after the search party led by
Okoro left, but they were being told of their whereabouts by some of
their classmates.
Gospel dressed up ready to go back to the camp and inform the rest
about the latest. Some of his classmates who knew he wasn't part of
the search party asked where he was heading to, but he waved their
questions away. They became more suspicious about him.
The security forces and the vigilantees made their way into the bush
and saw the same scene of blood, they followed the direction that the
cultists passed.
Gospel reached the bush and saw that he was almost late, he decided to
follow the path which Okoro and the rest followed not knowing they
used that route.
Okoro heard running footsteps, he signalled the others to hide. From
his hiding Okoro saw that Gospel was the one coming in their
direction, when he was near him he grabbed Gospel by his shirt.
The rest of them came out of hiding, they questioned Gospel about
where he was going to. He was short of words. I, I, I he stammered.
You are a suspect, said Okoro. You said you don't know the ins and
outs of the forest then how come you know of this route Ebuka asked
He was about bringing out the pistol from his pocket when everyone
rushed him. They were taken aback that a boy like him could possess a
firearm not minding he came from a pastor's family.
Okoro took the gun from him and threw it away, they queried him again.
He was being resistant so the boys resorted to using force to get the
truth from him.

Expect the next Episode.

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