[Story] Emeka: The Journey Of Life (Season 1, Episode 6)

If you haven't read episode 5, read it HERE .
They heard some group of people chanting, Capon instructed Obulor and some few men to take the new recruits away. They started their own chanting and singing war songs like they were fighting for the freedom of a country. They all got into strategic positions, the rival group start shoot sporadically. The fight started and they started exchanging fire.
   By this time Emeka and the other new recruits have by taken away by Obulor, Gospel and few men. They were walking deep down into the forests. Emeka heared the gunshots and wondered where the boys must have gotten their guns. It can't be just from kidnapping and robbing people, they must have very rich sponsors.
They took them to a place in the middle of the forest, many thatch houses were there. Emeka could see smoke coming out from inside the houses, this must be where the cultists stay thought Emeka. Gospel went to one of the house with a symbol on it and knocked. Someone came out, he was wearing a brown threequarter jeans and white singlet. He was smelling of marijuana. He shaked Gospel in their normal gang way and murmured something. Gospel went to the back of the house and ordered the boys to wait for him outside. Emeka heared some men laughing, he couldn't see their faces since it was dark.
Gospel and two guys came out and signalled Obulor to carry the boys along. They got to the back of the hut, there were lanterns already on. The environment was smelling of marijuana and squadron gin.
Obulor told Omenka the boy whom he had already initiated to front, he gave him a gun and the boy was shaken with fear. Obulor shouted at him. He directed the boy to point the gun in the air and pull the trigger. Which he did but  it didn't fire because there was no bullet in it.
Emeka's mind flashed back home, his family must be worried now.
He wished he had stayed behind till the next day, the time was 10:30pm.
He heared his name, it was Gospel; Emeka hadn't been concentrating so he called his attention. The gun was now loaded and Omenka was taught how to shoot a gun. Obular again declared Omenka a member of the Norsemen confraternity.
Gospel was instructed to take the remaining boys to the prison since they were not yet full members. The prison was made up of sticks and guarded by five men armed with daggers and machetes.
Emeka was crying deep inside his mind, so I'm not going to write my exams and I'm going to die like this cultists. Everyone was silent in the prison.
Emeka got up, he didn't see any of the boys in the cage, he was suprised and wanted to cry. Gospel held his throat, he was beaten and forcefully initiated by Obulor. They stepped out to confront their rival. Emeka was given a pistol, immediately they  sighted the other group and wanted to cock their guns he woke up. It was a dream!
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