[Story] Emeka: The Journey Of Life (Season 1, Episode 11)

If you haven't read episode 10, read it via this link

After enough beating and handling Gospel started confessing, he told
them how he got the 21 boys for Capon and his group. He told them he
wasn't the one who caught Emeka, he explained how they captured him
when he came looking for the missing list. The others listened with
their mouths wide open, Gospel has been deceiving them all along
pretending to be a good boy.
He said he could take them to the camp, they had to tie his hands and
he led the way.
In the camp Capon was waiting impatiently for Gospel, don't you think
he must have been caught? Capon asked Obulor. Never, I trained him
very well and besides no one will suspect him since his parents are
evangelists, Obulor said.
A group of girls came to the camp, the were all dressed indecent. They
were from the nearest village, Capon hugged one of them with a very
nice behind. The girls always come to the camp to keep the cultists
busy and pass time. They took the girls inside, just few minutes Emeka
could hear the girls moaning to pleasure.
After they were done a girl rushed out, she was crying and bleeding
from her private part. It seems she was a virgin and forced to perform
the act. Whatever it was Emeka didn't care, all he wanted was freedom.
The chance to get out of the camp.
The big girls camp out and took the other girl to another part of the
camp and cleaned her up, there they resorted to smoking. Their male
counterpart joined them and they danced to the tune of the music
playing from the radio.
Feeling worried Capon sent some boys to go after Gospel, and they went
in the direction the security men was.
Gospel successfully led Okoro and the rest of the search party to the
back of the camp, how to infiltrate the camp now was the problem since
they could be seen easily.
At that moment they saw some boys running back to the camp, Capon we
are finished, the police are coming.
The camp was in a state of confusion, the girls ran away. Capon and
his boys took their arms and made to run when the forces closed down
on them.
They ran deep inside the bush and the men of the force chased them
while some stayed behind to bring the boys back home. Okoro and his
group emerged from hiding and the police recognized them.
Emeka was happy to see his classmates.

Next Episode Will Come...

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