What We The Nigerian Youths Should Do Before We Vote In The 2019 General Elections

"Youths Are The Leaders Of Tommorow"
The saying above implies that we the youth will lead the future generation, if you look at the political system in Nigeria today you will agree with me that youths are not well represented.
We the youths are at fault! During elections most of the youths votes for a particular party because of the money being shared to them. I know most youths do this because of the situation in the country now and before.
But can't we say enough is enough?
Our future generations and children will not forgive us if we don't do the right thing at the right time. 
The youths of this age in Nigerians are easily bought with money by politicians, they can do the unthinkable even to their uncles and friends because of the cash.
I live in the Niger Deltan region of Nigeria and this commonly happens here, youths are given guns by some political terrorists to deal with anyone that want to thwart their will. Because of this many party chieftains run to the nearby states for safety.
It is our duty as youths of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria to fish out those bad eggs among us and hand them over to the relevant authories.
Below are the few things I think we Nigerian youths must do in the before and during the 2019 General Elections.

>> Political Affiliation Shouldn't Be The Yardstick For Voting
Here in Nigeria you will hear some people say they will vote for a political party because they belong to the party. I know this is the reason why one become a member of a Political party, but are we not tire? We have been voting for the same set of people because of political affiliation and after we vote for them and they win the election they forget about we the youths that voted them in. Do you want this to keep happening? Like Akpos will say "You dne see president dey campaign after winning election?"

>> Check The Public Utterances Of The Aspirants
Believe me, most of those that were elected during the last General Elections made anti-government utterances before the elections and yet we voted them in! I won't mention names. We should also check if the words and statements they make are tribalistic. Do you want to vote in a tribalistic leader?
We also have to check whether his/her statements instigates violence. Do you want to vote a governor, senator or a president that his statements causes violence in the country.

>> Their Campaign Promises And Manifestos
It baffles me when aspirants makes campaign promises without doing research about them. We also have to investigate ourselves whether their campaign promises are feasible or not.
And here in Nigeria instead of an aspirant to say what he will do for the masses he will be attacking his opponents in the name of campaign.

And also we have to look at the aspirants past records, whether they did well or not.
If you have anything to add please comment below.

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