Are You A Tortoise In The Beach?

Are you wondering what the topic is all about? Tortoise in a beach!
Are you someone trying to venture into what is not good for you
because you see others doing it?
You know a tortoise cannot swim so what is it doing at the beach?
Attempting to go into the sea because it saw turtles swiming. A
tortoise seeing the turtles for the first time in the open sea might
be deceived that they are his kind and it would die if it joins the
turtles in the sea.
So what am I saying? Are you someone at the line of making a life
decision as the tortoise in the beach? Are you seeing others enjoying
and doing something, your friends, you people were pals right from
childhood. You think you can do what they are doing.
You now have to ask who they are, use the tortoise and turtle example
to measure you and your friends. Use that in measurement and you would
see if you are like the tortoise in the beach. Never take any life
worth decision without comparing yourself and those who have done what
you want to do.
You would want to ask yourself what had qualified them in enjoying the
benefits they have. You haven't climbed a tree and someone tells you
to follow him/her to climb a mountain. Would you do that? With no
climbing experience and training? Perhaps if you follow him/her there
is a 70% chance that you might fall off and die. Yes, the him/her
wouldn't save you.
Anytime you want to do something just compare yourself with the
tortoise and turtle example.
Seeing the rest doing it doesn't mean it's for everyone. You might do
something and fail woefully because you didn't use the tortoise and
turtle experience.
You got your own lane bro, rule your world!
Thanks for reading.

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