Comedy: I Have Seen More Than Enough

Lol, this comedy was first said by my senior back then in secondary
school. I just remembered it and wish to share with you people in my
own way.

Clinton was sitting with his busty madam in the living room, the madam
was full of goodies with big boobs. Clinton has been looking for a
chance to check out the boobs. They had a dog whose name was Enough.
Madam left the parlour and came back worried, Clinton have you seen Enough?
Clinton: No Madam o, let's look for him.

They searched and searched, Clinton and his madam met at opposite side
of a table. The madam decided to bend down and her busty boobs fell
Clinton saw it.
Madam: Have you seen Enough (the dog)?
Clinton: (looking at his Madam's boobs which fell out) Madam I have
seen more than enough.

Lol, hope you get the joke.

COPYRIGHT!! This comedy shouldn't be lifted without my permission.
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