Nigerians!! This is What I Heard In A Car Today

Sometimes you just have to face the truth and stop being a wailer or a zombie.
I was returning back from the bank today from Ahoada (Rivers State),
when we reached Ula-Ahoada the driver started complaining when he saw
policemen on the road. You know why na.
A policeman stopped our car and requested for money, the driver
pleaded with him to take N50. The policeman refused at first so the
driver had to lie that it was his first loading for the day, so the
man in black took the N50.
A discussion now started in the car, a man said our leaders from the
Niger Deltan region are not protecting our rights, he said that this
doesn't happen in the North because their leaders are good.
A man in suit rebuked him saying all Nigerian leaders are the same, he
said we the Niger Deltans invited the security forces because of what
is going on (if you know what is happening in Rivers State you would
understand). The first man asked him why the police don't harass
people in the North East as they do in the Niger Delta as we are
facing the same problem of insecurity with the North East.
What I'm going to write from now is what I really want you people to know.
The main in suit said Nigeria is a fake country and more of the North,
he said they see Nigeria as a Northern country. That the North had
rigid laws themselves, he cited that 98 percent of the security
agencies are headed by the Northerners. He said that the Army are busy
intimidating innocent villagers, burning houses (this is still going
on at the moment), beating aged elders in the Niger Delta, because
since Buhari won the North have taken it as a revenge mission. A
mission to deal with the South because Boko Haram was dealt with when
a Southerner was the Army Chief, the Northerners said fight against
Bokoharam is fight against the North.
Even President Muhamadu Buhari said so.
When asked why Buhari couldn't control Bokoharam now he is in power,
he said that Buhari can't control Bokoharam because they are
controlled by many factors such as their sponsors, politicians and
their affiliation to ISIS, e.t.c.
He said when a group of boys are fighting for something and a
politician shows support by proving them money and arms, they in the
other sense can be used by the same politician as they are now his
He said Niger Delta is the fraud centre in Nigeria because people
don't have respect for us as they see Nigeria as being owned by the
Buhari had said the fight against bokoharam was a fight against the
North. The appointment he had done so far shows he might be doing the
Islamization of Nigeria gradually.
So Nigerians if our current president never wished well for us, which
way forward. I couldn't stay till the end of the argument because I
alighted from the car when I reached my village.

I am the original writer of this post.
Thank You.

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