OPINION: Africa Is Unique

I was just lying down on my bed when I just got the inspiration of
writing about this topic. I love Africa and my dear country Nigeria.

We are a unique people, in this post I just want to give an advice.
Let me differentiate between two things, Civilization and madness.
Civilization in this sense is when you learn good things either by
yourself or from your neighbours in order to help the society, and to
make the world a better place.
While madness is when you do things that has no moral backing with
your culture or civilization.
Let me bring it back to the ladies at home in Nigeria, they do all
sorts of things just to be like the whites. They bleach, they wear see
through clothes in the public, some even go to the extent of doing
butt and breast enlargement because their white counterparts are doing
Can't you all come back to your factory settings? Must you all be
copycats? We are unique and we must show that to the other parts of
the world.
Why do you hate your black skin so much? Black is beautiful.
I was reading comments on Nairaland when I came across someone saying
we are backward because of our black skin. What nonsense!
It's a truth that other continents have good things to offer, but must
we take the bad things too?
Indecent dressing has no backing in Africa, stop bleaching and be
proud of being black!
We are unique, let us influence the world.

The men too are guilty of the bleaching part, they want to look
foreign. Have foreign accents, promote foreign things.

But all Africans who hates local things so dearly should know that "A
man who is not proud of his culture is not worthy to live."

Hear and hear again, if you don't protect your culture it will die,
and when it is dead you have no origin.
So let's rise up Africa and make our continent proud.
Let's show them that our culture is the best.

All images in this post are taken from google.

Copyright!! This post shouldn't be lifted without my permission.
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