OPINION: How You Live Your Life

You wake up everyday strong and healthy, you count yourself lucky to
see the sunrise. The brightness of the sun, the sweet aroma of the
morning and the strength of the new day.
You now step out of your house and proceed to go and do your daily
hustle. You stroll on your way out and see some obituary and funeral
Those you see in the posters are real dead, you would never get to see
them anymore. Some of the people there are young men and women, now
you have to ask yourself how did they lived?
Where they gone too soon because of their lifestyles? Where they the
get money by any means gang? Where they so deep in there religious
beliefs that they didn't heed warning and as a result they died? Was
it a sickness that could have been easily prevented? You got to ask
yourself these questions and many more. Why? It's because you want to
live long.
Who among you here doesn't want to live long and enjoy the good things
of life? Those who died young could have been as a result of how they
lived. In order not to walk in the same path they followed you got
change your lifestyle positively.
You also walk and see the banners of great men being celebrated, great
men who has done very well to put the society on the right track. How
did they became so great? It was simply because of the way they lived,
you have to check out their lifestyles. Check the things they did that
led them to the right part.
You will benefit greatly if you learn about their ways, what they
changed, the path they followed and surely coupled together with yours
you will make it right. Ofcourse some great men are dead but their
works lives on. They impacted and influenced people's lives positively
and they are embolden in their lives.
Now how do you want to live your life? Are you the desperate type?
Don't be too desperate, keep calm plan and reason positively and you
would see your self walking in the part of greatness. It wouldn't come
so soon, just be patient and work hard and smart.
Life your live good, always stand up for what is right and the truth.
In conclusion live your life positively, be disciplined, always do
what is right. Don't replace your health for wealth because you would
need your health to enjoy your wealth. Work for a good legacy that
your future generations would be prould of. Influence and inspire
people's life positively. Be good!
Thanks for reading!

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