OPINION: Inspiration And Writing

Good morning readers,
I read somewhere online where it was written that one doesn't need to
look for inspiration to start writing.
That actually is the truth, let say you are a graduate of micro
biology and you want to write an article about micro organisms their
causes and efects. You don't need to wait for an inspiration to start
writing, all you have to do is just pick up your laptop or pen and
start writing. When you pick up you pen as a microbiologist the first
thing you would do is to define what micro organisms are, right? And
the rest will follow.
Even as I am writing this topic now I didn't wait for any inspiration.
I just wrote good morning readers and the rest followed.
Check out all the stories, poems, opinions and comedy in this blog. I
didn't sit down and say this is how the story is going to start or
end. I just got my topic and ideas came when I started to write.
So are you someone that is a specialist in a field and you have been
given a topic or theme to write about? Don't keep waiting for an
inspiration to start, just pick up your pen or laptop and start!!

COPYRIGHT!! This post shouldn't be lifted without my permission.
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