POEM: A Good Buzz In Your Soul

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The answers aren't in books but in your heart.
The insights are in your mind and perception,
How you perceive the world is unique to you.
The path to realization is varied experience,
contemplation n awareness of all encountered,
And a true desire to learn, listen and look.
Curiosity, and a longing to understand,
Appreciation, to cherish, nurture n love are;
The keys to innerpeace, and eternal happiness.
Positvity, goodwill and friendliness to all,
Will lead you to states of harmony and
A contentment, that supercede the mundane,
And help you ignore and overcome suffering,
And be blessed in thought and serenity of mind.
You are what you think, so think happy thoughts,
Let life be full of laughter, happiness and joy,
And always share your good fortune n good mood.
Let your spirit be irrepressible, and your happiness
Be unstoppable, and transmitted to everyone.
Emit good vibes, and keep the good buzz buzzing,
Let the sun always shine in your heart, and
Always have laughter and a song in your soul.
Gouranga - strive to be happy:-)

COPYRIGHT!! This poem shouldn't be lifted as it is the author's property.
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