POEM: Only You Alone

Like a cub with no lioness
Like a girl alone on an Island
Far from the heavens I stay
Far from the cities
She looked around she could only see the vast sea
With no ship coming
No help forth coming
And she said I'm alone!
It's only me
And the heavens said it's only you Alone
Seeing no help was coming
She walked around the island with her eyes turning
Searching for hope
And she found a boat
She repaired it and sailed home
Mama asked my daughter who saved you?
And she replied, it was only I Alone
In times of trouble it is only us alone
She told mum that one needs to always search for solution
And stop hoping on help from people that won't come
Mama hugged her and said
You are right my child
Depend on your self
Because in time of trouble it is Only You Alone.

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