POEM: Peace And Love

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Love, love, love.
Love is the mystical force that binds all together,
love is the light and love is the saviour of us all. Love is creation,
the awe and wonder it inspires,
Love is the cosmos and everything within.
Love is all animals, all creatures great and small.
Love and peace is a gift to us all, to be found in every heart.
Love for your fellow man and woman, love for all, for are we all not
brothers, show your love for your fellow woman and man,
let your every action be full of love, let us all live in peace and harmony,
let us live as one, under the law of love.
Forgive your enemy, shower him or her with hugs, love and good vibes.
A wise man makes friends not enemies, for it is better to be wise and
full of love than to be full of hatred and without compassion for your
brothers and sisters.
Give up your hatred, repent, open your heart to peace, love and understanding.
Look towards the light and let your heart bathe in love, for love is
the beginning, the ending and everything in between.
Love your sisters and brothers, regardless if they are short or tall,
thin or fat, ugly or beautiful, show all love and goodwill,
love your enemies ten fold, love those who want to fight you, throw
only flowers at them and love, for love shall conquer all, and those
who hurt you and do you evil, show them love, show them the way, the
path of of love and if you can't convert them, show them no malice,
give them no pain, love them all the more, for they are the ones who
need more loving.
Feel the love in your heart, revel in the sensation, share the love
and goodwill with all you meet,
spread the love, for it is irrepresible, love cannot be stopped for it
is the law.
Never stop loving, no matter how hard love hurts, do not become
disheartened because love is as prolific as the sacred herb,
it belongs to us all, love is within all our hearts, feel it for all
things, feel love with every beat, take it with you, smile to all the
smile of love, share your possessions, share your food, share your
clothes and share your love.
Love all, love strong, for love is good, love is the light, love is
the eternal gift of the creator, love love love, for love is the
righteous path, the path of love can be followed by all, the first
step on this path is to find the love in your heart, it is not hidden
for it cannot hide, forgive people their mistakes, forget all your
petty squabbles,
for love is bigger than any one man, bigger than any one situation,
bigger than us all, and if we love hard enough, it shall save us all,
and remember, if you love something, let it roam free, if it doesn't
return it wasn't meant to be,
But let this not blind you to the power of love, for love is the power
and the glory, love everyone, have love for all, like a mother loves
her children, and as the Buddha said, see everyone as your mother.
Have love in your eyes and in your soul, love with all of your heart,
for love is why we are all here.
Love is what makes the world go round, let us all love one another,
and may peace and love be with you always.

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