POEM: Whistles Of The Past

My children hear this
My friends hear this
My sons and daughters
Your father has come to serve a warning
The warning of the future
Your survival depends on this
For I your father knows what's best for you

They will come from the seas
They will come from the water bodies
Their skins are whiter that yours
They will come with all sorts of tools
They will make you fear them

The intruders will make you leave your culture
They will make you see them as gods
Their tools will they use and punish anyone who is stubborn
They will say our Gods are the devils
They will say theirs is the real God

But my sons and daughters
My beloved children
Take this warning and digest them
Pass this message to your children
Pass this message to your neighbours

Never leave your culture
Strive to make our culture perfect
A man without a background is a dead man
My children for the last time
Never leave your culture
Never leave your heritage
For your culture is your life
And your heritage is your right

Let those who have ears listen
Let there be known that there will be consequences
Consequences for those who don't heed to this warning

I your father has spoken
Your life is your culture
Be strong and make me proud
Peace be unto you all

Copyright!! This poem shouldn't be lifted without my permission.
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