POEM: The World Powers

I saw dusty clouds
Guns booming loud
Helicopters so high
I said Mama please what's going on here
She said my child I won't tell you a lie
This world is owned by a few
They deceives us with the Quaran and Bible
They play saint because we don't know what they got in their sleeve
When they say move, son you got to leave
After what my Mama told me I went to sleep

I wanted to cross the border but heared people crying
There's a war over there
If care is not taken it would soon be here
So I went home and brought out my diary
I wrote to the future to note this things

I can't buy a car if the powers say so
All I would do was to lay low
I asked this question; who do the powers represent
I now knew they deceived us with suits
On my graduation day a missile flew past
I wished I could fly that high

They won't war against the masses problems
But they can afford a lot to fight theirs
The planet they got in their palms
And all we could do was cry

We need a hero
Who can make the powers zero

COPYRIGHT!! This Poem Shouldn't Be Lifted Without My Permission.
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