Story: Alone Season 1, Episode 10

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I woke up that evening at the hospital bed, there was a sober mood
around me. Everyone was putting a sad face, the atmosphere was like
that of a burial funeral.
I started recalling things, the doctor said it. He was dead, they
could do nothing to save him, they tried their best but it wasn't
I started gazing at the ceiling looking lost, I tried remembering the
times I spent with my father. The smiles on his face, his laughs, how
we ate dinner together. When we went to church together, did christmas
carol, his many pieces of advice. All was gone, he is gone now.
Tears came out of my eyes, all I could say about him are all memories.
My hatred for the yorubas grew. They must pay, yes one way or the
other. Even if it means killing them all, a voice rebuked me saying
that I shouldn't think about taking someone's life. It was evil to do
so and that means I would be breaking the last promise I made to my
father of being a good boy.
I wiped the tears from my face, I had to face reality, from dust we
come from, and to dust we shall go.
I stood up from the hospital bed and my mum came towards me, her face
was saddened. It was now my duty to make her smile, I must take care
of her and my little sis. But how? Well I had to try, sometimes one
don't really know what it's capable of unless they try it.
The reverend father led us to where his body was and we paid a minute
respect to him, he has gone to heaven, said the priest.

The next week the church did the burial, I met the priest who told me
to keep quiet before. He said he could teach me some things and asked
if he could be my mentor. I agreed, at least he would make a role as a
After the funeral I knew I had many tasks ahead, I mustn't fail.
But was that the case?
You would surely know in the episodes to come.

Copyright!! This story shouldn't be lifted without my permission.
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